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Posted by is an online pharmacy that is also known by the name Total Nutrition and it mostly deals in providing supplements and vitamins to its wide range of clientele base. The company ha been in operation since 1979 and with time it thought of enlarging its client base by operating online in order to reach as many people as they possibly could. The company manufactures its own products and in so doing, they ensure that they cut off the unnecessary costs that come with outsourcing the products. This then tells you that the prices you get here are simply amazing and far much less than what you would expect to get elsewhere. products products
The products you get from the company are of very high quality because the raw materials used are also of high quality. When you shop around the site, you will have an easy time because the website is made in such a way that you will navigate around with much ease. Review

Despite the fact that the company has been operating online for the last 13years, there are no customer reviews available about the online pharmacy. Lack of reviews is usually an indication that a company may not be very genuine after all. However, there is information available on and, which may help analyze and judge whether it is a reliable online pharmacy.

According to[1], can be trusted as a source of high quality and highly effective products. Unfortunately, its real country of origin is not very clear as there are several countries in question, some of which appear to be high risk countries. has also detected some negative feedback coming from other sources in regard to the website. review

According to[2], appears to have good online reputation as there are no customers who have filed complaints about it. However, the rate to which the website can be trusted is not very well known and its vendor reliability level is also not very clear. review

The site seems to be quite popular even in social network platforms. There are more than 190 links that direct you back to the websites from other websites. In addition, has received positive feedback through other websites.

The company may also to offer many types of discount codes which will see their customers make great savings on all their orders. These include but are not limited to loyalty coupon codes and free gift items with every purchase. Such offers will make the customers keep coming back to place more and bigger orders. Reviews

I tried to find some reviews on during year, but nothing found. Only one review I could find.
According review on[3], appears to have not bad online reputation in 2019 and 2020 too, they have rating 4,1 from 5 stars. Reviews 2019


It is a quite a challenge as it is right now to be able to judge in the right way what kind of an online pharmacy this is, because there are no customer reviews, hence it is not easy to tell what experience people have when they shop from the company. You need to carry out your own research to find as much information as you can about the company so that you can make informed decision on whether to buy from the company or not. The gets a rating of 3.5 stars.

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