Reviews 2018 - 2019 Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – High Score Rating, but Mixed Reviews

Posted by, just like many other online pharmacy stores strives to provide their customers with the most affordable prices for the highest quality products, like supplement nutrition for bodybuilding and fitness. They have gained world-wide recognition because in addition to excellent customer services, they also ensure that all orders are shipped out the same day so that the orders take the shortest time possible to reach their customers.

With them, your personal information is safe because they have a 128-bit cipher that encrypts information before transmission to the servers where it is decrypted and made usable by internal resources in order to process your order. Once the order process if complete, the information is again encrypted and stored in the servers. The servers are scanned every now and then during the day to ensure that the Payment Card Industry is in compliance with the required standards. If you feel uncomfortable with how your financial information is handled, you can send them an email. Review

Some customers are happy with the services of, while others are simply outraged and one of those outraged customers is one who says that she placed an order and soon after started checking the tracking number, when she noted that her paid order was on its way to being delivered to another location, different from where she lives. She called the customer care desk that did a follow up and actually found that the shipment had been done using the wrong address. This customer says she will never do business with again. Reviews

Happy customers say that the prices are the best and they have the best customer service personnel, and yes, their delivery of orders is done in time and in the correct way and at affordable costs. Review Reviews

Actually, according to, it has a trust score of 100% on 2019 year.[1] Review 2019 gives high trust score rating in total 4 stars from 5.[2] Reviews 2019


If you decide to buy products from, take your time to find out the level of its authenticity. On other forums, the company has a very good reputation and has been given high reliability and trustworthy score. Actually means that some of the errors occurring and probably not intentional or could be some of the fake reviews that have been detected coming from quarters that feel that is a big threat to their business. The company gets a rating of 4 stars.

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