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Tadalafil is a powerful medication that is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. It helps to increase blood flow. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and the medication causes the blood vessels to relax. It also increases the release of nitric oxide from nerve terminals in the penis during sexual stimulation. It is a medication that lasts longer in general compared to other male enhancement medications. It is sometimes known as the weekend pill because of how long it lasts.

It was first being studied as a possible heart medicine, but a side effect was that it caused penile erections. Tadalafil began studies and was approved for use as a male sexual enhancement drug by Eli Lilly and Company in 2003 as the 3rd erectile dysfunction prescription pill after Viagra and Levitra.[1]

What Tadalafil is used for?

used forTadalafil (Cialis) is used to help males who suffer from erectile dysfunction to obtain and maintain erections for sexual activity and it could be effective for up to 36 hours after taking the medication.

Since 2011, Tadalafil has also been used for benign prostatic hypertrophy. This is a condition in which the prostate gland is enlarged making it difficult to begin urinating, give the man a sudden urge to go to urinate, more frequent urination and/or a weak urine stream.[2]

Tadalafil is used for

Another use for Tadalafil is to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension to increase exercise capacity for men or for women. For the treatment of this disease, the pulmonary vascular lumen is decreased and pulmonary artery vasodilation is increased. This means that it can lower the pulmonary arterial pressure and pulmonary vascular resistance.


Tadalafil is meant for healthy men (and women for pulmonary hypertension). Tadalafil may not be safe for people who have heart disease or heart rhythm problems, coronary artery disease, people who have had a recent heart attack in the last 90 days, people with a recent history of a stroke or congestive heart failure, people who suffer from angina or high or low blood pressure, people who suffer from liver or kidney disease if they are also on dialysis, people who have a blood cell disorder such as sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma or leukemia, or a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia. It also may not be safe if the patient is suffering from a stomach ulcer, retinitis pigmentosa, a physical deformity of the penis, or if he has been told he should not have sexual intercourse for other reasons.[3]

When this drug is prescribed for erectile dysfunction it is usually given as a 10 mg pill. It can be taken once a day, but not more than 1 time in 24 hours as needed before sexual activity. After this dosage, the doctor may choose to change the dosage to 5 mgs or 20 mgs depending on effectiveness. When Tadalafil is prescribed for Pulmonary Hypertension, it is given as a 40 mg pill to be taken 1 time per day.

For use for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, it is taken as a 5 mg pill 1 time per day.

How to Use Tadalafil Cialis Sublingual

cialis10mgGenerally Tadalafil is taken as an oral pill with a large glass of water, but it is also available as a sublingual medication. For use to treat erectile dysfunction, Tadalafil cannot be taken more than 1 time in 24 hours and can be taken with or without food. It can work for up to 36 hours but the penis will only become erect with stimulation. Because of this, one does not need to plan sexual activity as much compared with other male sexual performance enhancing medications.


If taken as a sublingual medication, it is used by placing the pill under the tongue 30 minutes-12 hours before sexual activity. It can be taken daily and should be taken at the same time each day. The sublingual dose also should not be taken more than 1 time in a 24-hour period. It can be taken with or without food and it should be taken with a large glass of water.

Side Effects

For male sexual enhancement, the side effects of Tadalafil are similar to those of other male sexual performance enhancing pills.

They most common side effects are

  • headaches,
  • stomach discomfort,
  • indigestion,
  • burping,
  • acid reflux,
  • back pain,
  • muscle aches,
  • flushing,
  • nervousness,
  • stuffy or runny nose.

These are caused because of the medications causes blood vessels to widen and they will usually go away after a few hours. The back pain may occur 12-24 hours after using Tadalafil and should improve within 48 hours.

If the consumer experiences shortness of breath, serious arm, back, or jaw pain, chills, cold sweats, confusion, serious dizziness, fainting, severe headaches and dizziness, vomiting, a strong allergic reaction such as swelling of the mouth or throat, or blurred vision, he or she should contact a doctor immediately. Sometimes an erection may be prolonged or painful. If the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, the consumer should contact a physician as this could damage the penis.[4]


consult a doctorSome medications can cause sudden decrease in blood pressure when mixed with Tadalafil. It is important to consult a doctor and discuss all of the medication that you are taking before taking Tadalafil.

Tadalafil should not be taken with any nitrate-based medications. It also should not be taken with bosentan, imatinib, nefazodone, St. John’s wort, antibiotics such as clarithromycin, erythromycin, or telithromycin, antifungal medications such as itraconazole, ketoconazole, posaconazole, and voriconazole, heart or blood pressure medication such as amlodipine nicardipine, and quinidine, hepatitis C medications such as boceprevir and telaprevir, HIV/AIDS medications such as atazanavir, efavirenz, delavirdine, ritonavir, fosamprenavir, nelfinavir, indinavir, nevirapine and saquinavir, seizure medication such as carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, fosphenytoin, phenobarbital, primidone and phenytoin, or tuberculosis medications such as isoniazid, rifampin, rifabutin and rifapentine.


Tadalafil is a medication that has changed the lives of many people. It is effective in treating erectile dysfunction, pulmonary arterial hypertension, and benign prostatic hyperplasia. If you are suffering from any of these health problems, talk to your doctor about Tadalafil.

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