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Posted by is an online pharmacy that sells a total of 8 different medications. This site, which titles itself as a “pharmacy”, is not the site you need or want for filling an actual prescription. In fact, Shop Pharmacy does not take prescriptions. For some customers this might seem like a positive, not for us. When we arrived at this site we noticed a few things right away; English is not the native language of whom ever created the site, the incredibly small list of medications, and the lack of actual business information.

What do they Sell?

We found it incredibly odd that an entire “pharmacy” was dedicated to selling only 8 medications, most of which were related to erectile dysfunction. What was more disturbing is that Viagra, the most popular drug on the list, was spelled incorrectly. pills

If you are seriously in the market for one of these medications, Shop Pharmacy could seem appealing. Their site gives a short three step explanation about how to place an order (put items in shopping cart, click checkout button, give your credit card), as well as a small paragraph about their high quality medications. All of this content contains misspelled words and poor grammar, this is how we know they are not a North American website.

What is obviously missing, however, are the rest of the menu options you should find on a website. There is no option for “contact” or customer service. There are no options for policies or testimonials. The only option you have is to click the name of one of the eight drugs. Once there, you will be told the “best price per pill” that they offer as well as the shipping charges and options.

Shop Pharmacy

At this point in our review, we were truly running out of information. Our only option was to click “buy online” and see what happened. We were not expecting to be brought here:

Friendly Pharma

This is how we determined that Shop Pharmacy is really just a shell storefront for other fraudulent “pharmaceutical” websites. Friendly Pharma, where we were redirected when we wanted to buy the Accutane, is a Spam/Phishing Site that was blocked by our anti-virus software.

Just in case this was a fluke, we thought we would try again with another medication. This time we chose to “buy” the Zoloft. Choosing to buy the Zoloft brought us here:

The upper left hand of this picture shows the page says “PharmacyWorld”. However, their web address is While we were pleased that our anti-virus had not sounded any alarms, we were still incredibly skeptical. Review

According to ScamAdviser online, they are really a company based of the Russian Federation. Through this scam detection site, is listed as possibly unsafe and untrusted.[1] Reviews

Another site, Web of Trust, who is renowned for their website safety monitoring agreed with ScamAdviser. Web of Trust (WOT) labeled as poor trustworthiness and very poor safety.[2] Reviews

There are no other reviews to be found online from customers who have actually used these sites. There is a page of testimonials on the site. Though we must admit, as the site has already lied to us about where they are located, we don’t put much stock into the testimonials they provide. Most of them appear to be manufactured, poorly. One would think that with three different site to search, we would have found one customer review. There simply aren’t any. This leads us to believe that they really don’t sell the pills they have fraudulently advertised. Reviews 2019


We give 1 star out of 5. While we are at it, we will also give Friendly Pharma and 1 star as well. The fact that we started out with one disreputable site and ended up with three proves that these are not sites to be trusted or used. We would never recommend a site that lies about their location and has such a poor safety reputation. None of these sites are the correct place to go for your legitimate prescription.

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