Rxeasymeds.com Review 2019

Rxeasymeds.com Reviews (UPDATED 2021) – Store Has a Shaky Reputation

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Rxeasymeds.com is a reputable online drug store that has been supplying quality medication to customers from all over the globe. Drugs supplied to this online pharmacy come straight from FDA approved companies that have been known to provide only the best. Quality of medication has been given priority so as not to put customer’s health in jeopardy.

Rxeasymeds.com prides itself in having the best team that is experienced and skilled to provide customers with the exact service they need. Consultations can be made online for free through the provided doctors. These doctors are always on standby to answer even the most embarrassing medical issue which you cannot share with your local pharmacist.

Shipment is done immediately after payment has been made and delivery should be expected between 3-4 weeks. In case of damaged products they can be returned immediately while delayed deliveries are reshipped just after the 4 weeks delivery period expires. Failed deliveries attract a total refund which is done in 10 business days.

Rxeasymeds.com Review

Neal has been pleased with the remarkable services in terms of delivery portrayed by rxeasymeds.com. He has been placing orders all of which have been delivered on time without any delays whatsoever. He is about to place another order and he will not relent.

FreilEmma has made two successful orders from rxeasymeds.com. All these orders arrived within the stipulated time frame. However, the two last orders that he placed have not arrived till date yet he ordered them almost 2 months ago. He has written severally enquiring about this but all he got are chain of excuses which are not amounting to him receiving his products. The company has now gone mum on the matter making him term this site as being a scam.

Rxeasymeds.com Reviews

According to scamadviser.com analisis in 2019 and 2020 years rxeasymeds.com has been threat listed meaning it comes with a number of risks like site involves a high risk country.[1]

Rxeasymeds.com Reviews 2019

On the other hand, scamvoid.net finds this online pharmacy to be safe having an extremely great reputation online. It is not a blacklisted site and is among the most popular websites on the internet today. Its vendor reliability and trustworthiness score is unknown but this does not mean that there are any risks involved.[2]

Rxeasymeds.com Reviews 2019

Rxeasymeds.com is not doing that good at the social network platform.


Rxeasymeds.com is an online pharmacy whose reputation is shaky because it has received some bad reviews which indicate there is laxity in management thus customers are not receiving the services they should. Lack of clear communication from this company to its esteemed customers especially when they have concerns is the sole reason that is making some of them term this pharmacy a scam. The customer care team should up their game so that none of the customers leave disappointed. Rxeasymeds.com receives 1.5 stars.

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