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Posted by is the website of Dr. Sears, MD who provides nutritional supplements. The supplements are of many types and are fully organic. Dr. Sears claims that he has traveled the world and uses the knowledge gained from his travels to make these supplements.

The products offered at primal force are aimed to tackle problems that are not life threatening but can lower your productivity and negatively impact your lifestyle. Here you can find supplements for anti-aging, muscle gain, fat loss, energy, sexual drive, sleep and your heart. They also offer vitamins and products for women. Customers can find detailed description of each and every product and also read the ingredients behind the product. Most of the supplements should cover you for a month or more. There are great deals on many items including free shipment. The physician is associated with American Medical Association, American Academy of Anti-aging Medicines and American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Customers can place orders through their contact number. If you have any questions, you can call on their toll free number. You can also give feedback through the contact from available on the website. You can also sign up for their free newsletter to hear about their new products and discounts. Review

There are no reviews from Customers online about Primal Force which raises the question about its popularity and outreach as to whether it is quite popular or not. They do not have a physical store so no reviews posted on

There is a detailed article on about Dr. Sears. It reviews the website, the doctor’s methodology and qualification as well as some of his products. They do praise the natural products but say that the prices are a bit high. They also noted the fact that there are no reviews online to confirm the effectiveness of the products and the standard of services.[1] Reviews 2018

There is another review article about one of Primal Force’s products: Ultra Acel II. It is just a general review about the product and its ingredients. It does mention that the product is not scientifically proven to work.[2] Reviews

In the current year too, there have been no reviews about Primal Force indicating that its popularity remained stagnant. The dearth of reviews makes the authenticity of a website dubious but that is not the case here. According to ScamAdviser, this is a trustworthy website with no scams involved.[3] Reviews 2019

Dr. Sears of course is a certified physician so his website is genuine. His products, however, are not FDA approved and are not scientifically proven to work either. But since they are natural, Dr. Sear claims that they do not have any side effects.

The website’s traffic ranking is not impressive either. It ranks a little above 73,000 top websites in the United States. Globally the traffic dwindled in the last few months. It goes to show that it is not frequented by a lot of people and hence there are no reviews either.[4] alexa Reviews 2019

However, the traffic comes from various countries. More than half of the traffic comes from within the United States only as it is based there. But it also gets visitors from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Philippines. This makes it quite evident that even though it is not popular, it is known overseas.

Conclusion is the prodigy of Dr. Sears who has developed natural supplements for improving people’s health in various ways. Whether you need energy boost or need to gain muscle, you can find products on this website. It is essentially very easy to use. They offer 100% money back guarantee if you do not feel satisfied with the product.

You can find all the details about the product before buying. It is recommended that you consult with a physician first even though there are no reported side effects to his products. Based solely on the website, we would like to give it a 3.5 stars ranking. The website could do better in terms of design and organization.

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