Pillpack.com Reviews (UPDATED 2021) – A Full, but Poor Service Online Pharmacy

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When you are looking for a full service pharmacy, pillpack.com is a right choice to try once. This is an online pharmacy that sells several types of drugs online and they offer the medicines at very cheaper price in comparison with other drug stores. This is a fully organized website where you will get the chances to sort out your medicines as per date, time and priority. You can set the order properly as you will get them every month on right time. With such convenience, this online store makes it easy to buy medicine.

You don’t need to look for outside pharmacy when you need to stay at home but your medicines will be delivered to your home very conveniently and on time. They have a huge collection of medicines in their bag to meet the different purposes of every client and every health issues. You can ask for the prescription drugs also to them.

Customers will get 24/7 service from them, whenever you are in a necessity to buy medicine, you can contact their customer service team. They coordinate with the insurance provider and the doctor to buy the medicines more conveniently. You will get the medicines delivered within two weeks of ordering them. You will get them in right condition without any type of damage.

You can pay the medicine bills online with them trough credit card or debit card, as they holds SSL certificate, your transaction will be safe and secure. You can ask your queries regarding payment and more and the customer service team will be there for you always to serve or to answer your queries.

Pillpack.com Reviews

There are not many reviews available on this but unfortunately most of the available reviews are against their service. Mary Maxey is a valid buyer of this online drug store and he is not at all happy with the service of the site. According to him, you are just looking for getting your drugs delivered at your door stop and ready to pay for that, this site is good for you. But if you are looking for any type of help like contacting the doctor or like that, this is not possible with the site. They are not organized or not communicative with the customers. They app is not user friendly at all.

I have checked the site on Scamadviser and find that the site has very high trust score, but poor rating. There it has got 1.5 customer rating on the basis of 91 reviews.[1]

Pillpack.com Review

When I checked it on Trustpilot, I find that the site has got 1.5 ratings on the basis of 97 reviews, which is very poor and not impressive at all.[2]

Pillpack.com Reviews


This is an Pillpack.com online drug seller that claims to sell drugs in more convenient manner. But the reviews for the site are mostly negative and the customers are not happy with the service. The trust score of the site is 1.5 and it has got 1.5 stars only. It seems that the site is a legit one but can be poor customer service site. It is recommended to go for proper research before making any deal with the site.

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  1. Yes, Amazon Pill Pack is terrible. It’s amazing just how bad Pill Pack is. From their pharmacy, to their customer service… I haven’t had a single good interaction with them.

    Pill Pack literally doesn’t care if they get my moms medications right, and couldn’t care less if she were to die. They doubled her prescription medication, and if I hadn’t caught it, she may have died! When I told them about this, they tried to lie about it and blame me (even pulling up an chat session – which actually proved it was their fault). When I explained this proves they messed up and lied about it, they just ended our chat.

    They couldn’t lie their way out of their mistake, so they just stopped talking to me.

    One star is entirely too generous for Pill Pack.

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