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Though a lot of online pharmacies are budding on the Internet, the pharmacy, is still able to stand out from the rest. This online store has been in the market since 1997 but still strong, and it’s probably due to the store’s low pricing for all of its products.

You can find a lot of products on, but it can be easily noticed that the store is engaged in selling men’s health products like erectile dysfunction (ED) medication brands and premature ejaculation products from both brand-name manufacturers (Pfizer, Bayer, etc.) and generic pharmaceutical makers (Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Sun Pharma, etc.). has meds for allergies, diabetes, blood pressure, skin care, weight loss, heart disease, women’s health, and other medical conditions; you can search for your preferred drug. All the products are also FDA-approved, as does not sell products which are not accredited by the FDA in the United States and the other countries of the manufacturers.

There is no prescription required for the purchase of products on, so buyers can easily get their meds without the trouble of sending in their Rx for review. If you’re wondering how low the prices of ED meds here are, Generic Viagra containing 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate which usually costs a fortune is sold here only for as little as $0.27, depending on the amount you are going to obtain. Generic Cialis containing 20 mg Tadalafil is also available here and can be purchased for as low as $0.68 per pill when bought by the bulk. The rule for discounts here is when you buy more, you’ll get more off your purchase. Shipping is also charged quite minimally; there is only a $9.95 charge for regular shipping and $19.95 for the express shipping type. If you don’t mind two-three weeks of waiting, then the regular shipping can suffice.

If you’re asking what you can use to pay for the affordable products on, the store accepts payments MasterCard or VISA card payments. The store uses data encryption for your details, so you can be sure that your details are safe each time you make a purchase on the website.

Should cases like non-deliveries or damage surface, the buyers are always eligible for refunds and reshipments at no additional cost. Customer support is available 24/7; may be reached via via phone call or by using the native messaging function available on site. Review

Based on the client testimonials for, they service is highly satisfying. You can see in their reviews that they are actually content with how handled their orders: Reviews

One buyer from Spain, the user Sarah mentioned how she was treated well by’s staff. She appreciated how she was treated by the customer representatives, as according to her, good service is rare. She also went by thanking the store for the quality of meds she received, and also commended the speedy service she was given.

Another European client, Piter, mentioned that he was “very pleased” with the shipment of his orders, as well as the customer service he was rendered by the website. Piter declared that he will again order from

As you can see from the reviews given for, the buyers are all happy with their purchases, that’s why its customers decide to come back to the store for their medical purchases. Reviews

The recent testimonials for was still positive. Matthew, a customer from USA, related how he was able to receive fast delivery from Pharmacymall. Simona from USA too, says that the order was delivered on time and she is happy customer.[1] Reviews 2019

According to ScamAdviser online, is really high trust rating site. They was able to gain a 80% trust rating and site listed as safe and trusted. The excellent rating is due to the fact that the shop did not have issues with malware or rogue reports.[2] scamadviser

Conclusion is a great choice for any medical item purchase since the website is capable of offering its users good deals even for hard-to-find medications. The buyers are entitled to free pills even without them buying a certain amount. Reviews for the website are also good, so buyers can be assured that the site can indeed offer security and satisfaction on their every purchase. Because of that, deserves 5 stars out of 5 and a glowing recommendation for any ED meds purchase.

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  1. I did not receive what I ordered, I got nizagara 100mg instead of viagra 100mg. I am not sure what this is?

  2. Dear James,

    Nizagara is generic brand (equivalent) for Viagra. This is completely the same medicine as Viagra, with exactly the same active ingredient – Sildenafil. Nizagara 100 mg will have exactly the same effect as Viagra 100 mg. The dosage and rules for taking Nizagara 100 mg are exactly the same as Viagra 100 mg.
    Why is the medicine called Nizagara?
    Because Viagra is a patented brand and other manufacturers cannot use this name. Everyone who produces Viagra generics (equivalents) should name their medicine either by the name of the active ingredient (Sildenafil), or come up with their own name (such as Nizagara, Silagra, Zenegra and etc – it’s all the same, only different manufacturers).
    Thanks to this (the ability to produce generics – equivalents), the medicine costs several times cheaper! No need to overpay for using the Viagra brand!


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