Penis Enlargement Treatment

Penis Enlargement Treatment: Warning, Drugs, Operation

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Penis size is a hot topic among men and women alike. “Bigger is better,” some say, “Size doesn’t matter,” say others. If you search penis enlargement in Google, you will see a barrage of forum posts from teenagers asking when their penis is going to get bigger, and some from adult males who have realized that their penis never is going to growto the size they were hoping for. This cultural obsession with penis size has led men around the world to search for ways to increase their penis size. There are now many different options for men to try to increase the girth (circumference), length, and firmness of their penis.

Penis Enlargement review

There are different options available for men to try including exercises, stretching devices, medicines, and even surgeries. Overall, it is believed that there is not much that can be done about a small penis. However, some options have shown results. Many times the results are temporary.

With the exception of surgical enlargement, there is not much research about the effectiveness of penis enlargement that is based on scientific research. There are men who say that it works for them, but it is only anecdotal evidence that has not been proven scientifically. There is also the possibility of negative side effects that could be permanent. Depending on the procedure, there could be bruising, tearing of skin, scarring, and even loss of sexual function.

Penis Enlargement Treatment


One way that men attempt to increase the size of their penis is through surgery called Phalloplasty. This is generally known as an unsafe and unnecessary operation and there is no major medical organization that approves the surgeries. There are a few different kinds of surgery available. One surgery meant to lengthen the penis is where the doctors cut the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone, they then reattach it further away and thicken the penis by injecting fat from a fleshy part of the body. The risk is very great in this option. It does increase the size of the penis but there is a high chance that the penis will never function again normally. It could also cause nerve damage, reduced sensitivity, and difficulty getting an erection. The penis could be disfigured as well. However there are some reviews on a website advertising their penis enlargement surgery service and they are positive.

Phalloplasty review

Another kind of surgery is widening the penis for men who feel that it is too thin. In this surgery, the doctors take fat from other parts of the body, or they use silicone or tissue grafts and inject it into the penis to increase the width.

There is one option that may work for some men in which the scrotum is unattached and reattached further down below the base of the penis. This makes the penis look longer but does not actually increase the size.

Another option that some men try is to try to use physical therapy techniques to increase the size of the penis, but it has not been proven to be effective. To attempt to enlarge the penis by physical therapy, the man uses techniques such as stretching, using weights to elongate the penis, and increasing blood flow and blood pressure. These can be very dangerous and can lead to the penis not functioning properly anymore.

Penis Enlargement review

Penis Pump
The Penis Pump has been used to increase size of the penis temporarily. The pump creates a vacuum around the penis and draws blood into to the penis. This can be very dangerous as physically forcing blood to the penis could lead to broken blood vessels and other vascular damage. There are some drugs that are available claiming to increase the size of the penis. Some men experience an increase in size while taking erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra. There appears to be an increase in size because more blood is going to the penis but it is a temporary effect.viagra

abdomenAn interesting phenomenon is that when a man gains weight, his penis may retract into the abdomen, making it appear shorter. Every 35 pounds that a man carries his hiding about 1 inch of his penis. Therefore, if he loses weight, his penis could appear larger.

Penis Enlargement Drugs

Some medications are available as creams or pills to increase a man’s penis size. One cream called Viare…ms to help increase penis size. The man is instructed use the cream for about 1 month before seeing results but it appears not to work as it has overall very negative results from This product is no longer available on amazon.

amazon review
amazon reviews

As for pills, there are no pills that are scientifically shown to increase penis size. There are some pills that increase the amount of blood that goes to the penis during an erection that can increase the size temporarily. If the man has trouble maintaining firm erections and is taking an erectile dysfunction pill, he might notice an increase in size, but if the man does not already have trouble obtaining a firm erection, he will not become larger from these pills.

According to no oral medications, creams, or ointments work to increase the size of a man’s penis.

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If you are unhappy about the size of your penis, there is really no good option to increase your size. Penis enlargement surgery is dangerous and includes side effects that could damage your penis forever. The creams and pills also do not work. Overall there is very little that can be done for penis size. Also, the majority of the men who want to increase the penis size do fall within the average. They may have a skewed view of what the normal size is.

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