Overtabs.net Reviews (UPDATED 2021) – Should Not Do Business With the Site

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Overtabs.net is an online pharmacy that deals with the sale of Viagra – a remedy whose usage depends on the craving for an improved sexual performance. The medicines sold by the pharmacy aspire to get to the bottom of men related sexual setbacks for instance erectile dysfunction, precipitate orgasms, short libido, a deficiency in sexual stimulation etc.

Even though it is not easy to make sense of when Overtabs.net was opened, its actions have been happening for some time now as vindicated by the variety of commentaries by shoppers who purchased medications some years in the past.

The Viagra recommendation wholesaled by the business is on average generic and in view of that its modus operandi has less awkward impact on the shopper’s physical state. The site too presents a prospect for purchasers to obtain their favorite remedy free of foremost anxieties with respect to their persona.

Overtabs.net Review

There are various negative replies with regards to the site. An unnamed client says that she bought medication from the site in 2018 after being pleased with the company’s discretion. All the same, it was not to be as she lost $156 after purchases. The company even gave her false delivery promises. The company failed to respond to her calls after several attempts. She cautions prospective clients who may be excited about the company’s policies to think twice before making a transaction.

As indicated by Legitscript.com, Overtabs.net is a rogue internet pharmacy. The business was cataloged as a rogue enterprise. The business operates within the negative extremes of the estimated regulatory frontiers that direct the diverse approaches of allowed pharmacies.[1]

Overtabs.net Reviews

Overtabs.net Reviews

Along the lines of data from Scamadviser.com, the site is based in the United States of America. The site has been listed as a venture that cannot be trusted. Apart from being given low credibility levels by 50% trustscore, the site as well may be risky for any form of business transaction.[2]

Overtabs.net Reviews 2019

Trustpilot.com don’t show any reviews from customers, therefore you cannot be sure that this online pharmacy legitimate. You should don’t risking your money.[3]

Overtabs.net Review


The sale of medications that deal with sexual matters is a complex subject. This is for the reason that such a drug may eventually harm more lives if not handled in the proper manner. The company needs to come up with better ways of handling such scenarios so as to have a better cliental mode of operation. The site as well needs to initiate the process of educating its clients as sexual enhancement drugs may have negative implications. For this reason, Overtabs.net is not safe for customers usage. The site gets a rating of 1 star.

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