Original-steroid.com Reviews 2018 - 2019

Original-steroid.com Reviews (UPDATED 2021) – Was Known as Originalsteroid.com

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Original-steroid.com is an online steroid store that sells anabolic steroids for body building and sexual wellness in US, Europe and beyond. It has a wide variety of steroids both for men and women and at affordable prices. They have pills and injectible steroids that have been verified and upgraded to avoid side effects.

Whether you are looking for steroids to shed fat or gain weight, they have something for everyone. They also offer steroids like testosterone boosters that increase your sexual drive and have a healthy life. Ordering from website is very easy as you just have to sign up, select the product you want and checkout and pay. You can find different categories on the left side of the website. You can even find bulk deals that can save you money on your order. The products can be bought using Bitcoins as well.

They ship worldwide and shipping is charged by grams. Regular post charges are $25 per 250 grams whereas courier charges are $115 per 500 grams. The products are dispatched within the 24 hours of the placement of order. In Europe, Asia and Oceania, it can take from 5-10 days for delivery whereas in United States it can take anywhere from 5 days to a month. They will provide you with the tracking number. Should you have questions you can leave a note on their website’s Contact Us pop up and they will answer you.

Original-steroid.com Review

There are reviews present online about Original Steroid suggesting that it is a moderately popular website. There are no reviews on websites like Yelp.com mainly because it does not have a physical location. The reviews were mostly positive with people saying that they would like to shop again with them. On evolutionary.org[1] customers gave them very good rankings, mostly full 5 stars. One customer said that he was happy with the 50% off coupon. He also pointed out that the customer service was prompt and good.

Originalsteroid.com Reviews

Another customer reported that they got his order wrong as he ordered pills but he was delivered vials. Nevertheless, he was happy with their service as the vials were effective. He had ordered three different products from them.

Originalsteroid.com Reviews

In 2016-2018, there are reviews for Original Steroids indicating that their popularity and outreach remained same. People continue to buy steroids from them because of the pricing and good customer service. On eroids.com, the reviews were mixed with some people satisfied with their order and others had some complaints. One customer gave a positive review and said that he would recommend them for shopping steroids. He also said that the customer service answered all his questions.

Original Steroids reviews

Another customer had similar words for their customer service. He received his order in United States in about 12 days and he was happy with both the product and the service.

Original Steroids review

Original-steroid.com Reviews

In 2019 Originalsteroid.com changed his website adress on Original-steroid.com. It’s suspitiously, because if Originalsteroid.com don’t have any abuse whay they did it. I tried to find any new customer reviews about Original-steroid.com in 2019 year, but nothing found.


Original-steroid.com is a steroid haven for body builders as they offer a wide range of steroids that can cover all of their cycles. They offer discounts on many products including bulk orders. The customer service is efficient in answering your questions as indicated by reviews. But they changed his website adress from Originalsteroid.com to Original-steroid.com, it can be suspitiously, well be carefully. Therefore, my maximum rating 3 stars from 5.

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