OptumRx.com Review (UPDATED 2022) – Hundreds of Complaints About Terrible Service

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OptumRx.com is a online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs and other types of medicines online. This site offers a big collection of medicines and the good alternatives of any type of ranitidine drugs as they are now banned in the market. OptumRx.com has made it easier to find and buy medicines online when you are not able to go outside to buy your needed medicines. On their shelves, you will find all types of medicines from diabetes, anti-allergy drugs and from generic medicines to cancer drugs.

OptumRx.com come up with the easy to use tools that help the buyers to find and buy the required medicines. You can get your medicines conveniently delivered at you home rather visiting the pharmacy to pick up your medicines. They have a very safe and secure delivery option so that your medicines will be intact and undamaged when you will receive them. They take a few days only for the hassle-free delivery at the doorstep of every client.

You can pay online for the medicines through credit or debit card and this is also completely safe to be done. OptumRx.com give you the opportunity to use an easy-to-use tool that can help you to find the right pricing and the right medication for you. You can easily compare the price of medicine with other sites. You can check the details of your medicines, delivery details etc too. You can set the most convenient customized schedule for notification alert through the reminder option of the website.

OptumRx.com Reviews

I have checked also the site on Scamadviser and find that the site has got mediocre ratings on the basis of 55 reviews. But according to Scamadviser reviews, this is a legit site and the website has received a good amount of traffic.[1]

OptumRx.com Review

I also checked how legal the pharmacy is and whether it has a license and permissions from regulatory authorities. According to Legitscript, OptumRx.com pharmacy is ‘legitimate’ and has all the necessary permits for the sale of medicines. This is definitely a positive.

OptumRx.com review

There are not many reviews available on OptumRx.com but most of them are positive reviews.

UPDATED: That was three years ago, now the situation is completely different.

Now I have found hundreds of negative reviews and complaints about OptumRx.com service. Below are brief examples of some of them and screenshots confirming this.

‘The worst drug prescription fill company ever… Takes 4 weeks to get any resolution.’

OptumRx.com review

‘This company should be ashamed of themselves… Totally disgraceful.’

OptumRx.com review

‘I would love to give them a zero… I feel sorry for the front line workers who have to work for such a backward company which the AARP people picked for us seniors to get our meds through. I’m disgustted.’

OptumRx.com review

‘OptumRx – failure to process insulin order
The pharmacy has put my order of insulin on hold… I now have two vials of insulin left. I have already contacted my attorney to start a lawsuit. I am also contacting Medicare to file a grievance.

OptumRx.com review

‘OptumRx – Failure to Refill a Prescription on Auto Refill and Send to Me Prior to 90 Days…’

‘Absolutely the WORST prescription drug provider!!’

OptumRx.com review

The overall situation with reviews from independent sources is as follows – on Yelp out of 227 reviews 90% negative with a rating of 1 star out of 5 stars, on Complaintsboard only 208 reviews and all negative (all complaints), on Sitejabber 279 negative reviews with the lowest rating of 1 star out of 300 reviews. Trustpilot also has an overall negative rating of 2.2 stars out of 5 based on 9 negative reviews out of a total of 10 reviews. [2]


OptumRx.com is a legit website that sells online medicines. It is in business more than 10 years and has received great traffic that proves that the site is a legit one and it is safe to make your transaction with the platform. Legitscript gave the pharmacy a legitimate status, which confirms its legitimacy. However, overall customer rating of the site 1 star out 5, which is poor. Hundreds of customer complaints can’t go unnoticed and even though OptumRx.com is legal pharmacy I can’t give it more than 2 stars out of 5. This rating is only due to the legality of the pharmacy, however the service is so disgusting that I don’t recommend it to anyone.

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  1. Wow, Dr. Anand, you are missing literally THOUSANDS of horrific reviews of OptumRX’s abominable “service.” I would expect better from the “Professor of Urology and Chief of the Division of Male Reproductive Medicine…” uh…at where???

  2. Dear Emily,

    Thank you for your comment. I reviewed this pharmacy and you were right, it really has hundreds of complaints for terrible service and sopport.

    First of all, in my reviews, I determine how legal the pharmacy is, whether it has licenses and permits, whether it is a scam, and only then I look at customer reviews. Here you were right – I missed hundreds of negative reviews. Therefore, I corrected the rating to one of the lowest and pointed out the huge number of negative reviews.

    Thank you!

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