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Posted by is a Canadian online pharmacy in which you can find any type of Canadian drug. They try to attract their clients with exceptionally low prices of their products. In fact, you may find them 80% cheaper than your local pharmacies. Not only the Canadians, but also people from other parts of the world can order their medicines.

Products and Services

Being a fully licensed Canadian online medicine shop, is committed to serve their customers with any sort medicine. They sell medicines of various diseases; from normal diseases like fever to very complex diseases. They are very reputed for their cheap prices. Also they offer 100% satisfaction to the customers. They have already earned certificates from CIPA and IPABC. Their website is very easy to use and secured. You can order your medicine 7 days a week. They also deal with the best medicine manufacturers of the world.

There are quite a few categories under which sells the products. These categories are prescription, non-prescription, personal care, nutrition and wellness and pet medicines. You will find a lot of medicines under every category. Medicines under different categories are for different purposes. If you enter a certain category, you will see many medicines are arranged according to their alphabetical order. Important information, such as price, quantity and dosage are included in the catalogue as well. That makes it very easy for the customers to purchase the medicine which they need. The customers have to pay the shipping charges as well. That is $9.99. Review

I researched many customer reviews and a few websites to know about the feedbacks of the customers to I became very confused doing that because; there is a lot of controversial information about

In LegitScript, it was told that is not even an online pharmacy which meets their internet pharmacy verification standards.[1] Review

Because of this, many customers have given bad feedbacks about But on the other hand, some customers were very surprised to see that others are giving so poor feedback. They are claiming themselves as actual users of and they are saying that is a great online drug shop. One customer said that LegitScript has no right to rate because they are a US based website and is a Canadian online pharmacy. So it is not possible for them to deliver a fair review about That makes the things more confusing.

Following of it I checked on CIPA site (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) and I saw that this online pharmacy is an active CIPA member.[2] Reviews

But it is a wise decision to listen to the people who are actual users of That’s why we should consider as a good online pharmacy. You can give a try if you want. If you find that is not very good at all, then there is no point of purchasing medicines from anymore. Reviews

I can find many customers reviews from 2019 on Most of them very satisfied customers.[3] Reviews 2019


Because of very confusing situations, I am not able to give very good or very bad ratings. They are recommended although. I will rate them 3.5 out of 5. It is up to you whether you are going to buy something from them or not.

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  1. I received a call from a NY number claiming they were but that website didn’t work so the guy gave me as a solution but couldn’t tell me where they ship out of, he didn’t know which city. I called him out on the NY number as well as him claiming they delivered meds to me in March. In fact, I did get scammed out of $250 in March from a fake NY company and there was no email like the guy said there was. DO NOT TRUST

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