Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – Site Down for Maintenance Long Time

Posted by is an online medical entity that was instituted with a revelation to present a solitary window resolution to all vigor, dietary, in addition to wellness requirements of Indian shoppers. As the solitary envoy and dispenser of World prominent trademarks such as Osteo-Bi-Flex, Nature’s Bounty, Pure Protein, Met-Rx, and worldwide sports nutrition in addition to Ester C products in India, the company offers an extensive assortment of vitamin as well as mineral enhancements, herbal complements in addition to Sports and strength supplements.

The company appreciates the significance of good healthiness and presents a holistic advance towards wellbeing. The company’s selection of products in addition to services accommodates broadly to accomplish the obligations across all clients in the Indian market. Rahul Anand is the Chief Executive Officer of the business entity while Gautam Ghai is the Chief Information Officer. The company deals with issues concerning sports nutrition, general nutrition as well as other accessories. Review

There are few reviews with regards to the site. Yvette Q. states that the company offers protein shakes in addition to tea that is extremely delicious. She further adds that the place is better than other competing places in the sense that the company offers free fitness lessons. Yvette Q. has been frequenting this place for a period more than a year and it assisted her to reach her desired goal of reaching the finest fitness levels of 125lbs. In addition, she says that the place is a wonderful and cool place to hang around and talk. She also praises the services offered by the clients.

According to, cannot be found in their data. All in all, such a situation should not be connoted to signify that the site is not an authentic business.[1] Reviews

As per the data from, the site has a high trust rating and therefore it is safe for usage by clients. Even though this website seems to be located in the India, there are additional nations concerned and clients are advised to check out the info well.[2] Review Reviews

In 2019 year can’t find any customer reviews, because site down for maintenance last months. It can be that was closed. Reviews 2019

Conclusion states that all the proclamations on their site are not anticipated to detect, treat or avert any illness. The company appreciates the significance of excellent healthiness and presents a holistic mode of working towards wellbeing. The company deals with a very positive agenda in the lives of human beings. On the other hand, the site needs to improve on its delivery services, if he will work again and not closed. The site gets a rating of 3 stars.

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