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For food lover who want to also maintain their health and body shape, this website is a useful resource. is a complete diet solution that offers you some amazing food services. Although they may charge you a bit but it surely looks a comprehensive and trustable blog site for the users.

Weight loss is one of the salient features of this website. It’s not just the techniques you will learn. In fact, there is complete research on how weight loss actually works. You will find some great articles and press releases on the topic that will give you an insight of what really happens when you take up weight loss habits. The blog is written after a good research so you are pretty safe reading them.

To avail any of the meal plans and diet services, you have to sign up at the website. The procedure is quite straightforward and you can become a member within five minutes. has integrated technology with food and you will find some innovative devices and gadgets to track exercise. They keep a track of your calorie intake so you know exactly which direction you might be going in.

sign up at the website

You can also consult dietitians and doctors for your health needs through this service. PDF reports on health topics are also available for the members so it is a complete fitness solution for you. In addition to that, diabetics are also entertained separately with diabetes trackers etc.

9 million members to dateThe website claims to have over 9 million members to date. If you wish to become a member and contact the website for your queries, you may sign up now. Details regarding membership charges and product buying are also mentioned on the website in detail. There are Android and iPhone apps also available to facilitate the members. Review

The website has its own testimonial forum where you can find many reviews regarding the website and its services.[1] These reviews come from the people who have taken up the services from my net diary. However, one would rather prefer reviews on neutral platforms to better understand the reputation and services of the website.

Sadly, there are not too many reviews available for readers on neutral platforms which can create a few doubts in people’s minds. To get you an insight of this food blog, we will share some of the reviews available on the website itself.

The following reviewer says that they had been using the app for more than a month and it worked really well for them. It helped them lose some considerable weight and brought them to a healthier diet plan. Reviews 2018

The reviews are quite positive for the website but it would have been a lot better if this website had been reviewed on neutral platforms. Reviews

It didn’t change much as far as reader reviews are concerned. People have not reviewed the website anywhere other than the website itself. It could well be because this website is more of a blog so people might have enjoyed the articles and literature but never gave a thought of reviewing it.

Anyhow, here is another review which actually comes from a doctor. She says that the website is great and mentioned a few quality features that it offers. She lauded the iPhone apps as well as the membership charges. She said that the website is superfast so it gives a great user experience. It is quite responsive and she suggested it is the best website around in the food services sector. Reviews 2019

Had these reviews been posted on unbiased platforms, there would have been a lot more success. However, there is nothing wrong or suspicious about this website and it is quite safe and user friendly.

Conclusion is an authentic food service website, it can be safely said. There is nothing wrong with its legitimacy and it seems to have been serving the customers really well. Hence, we would encourage the readers to avail the services if they wish to turn to a healthier lifestyle. The only thing that the website can improve upon is to ensure that they get more reviews on different websites so that it becomes more popular. However, it still earns 4 out of 5.

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