Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – An Undecisive Conundrum

Posted by is an online drug store with bestselling products being Viagra, Kamagra and Cialis. This site is particularly important for ordering drugs related to treating impotency in men. It also covers a wide range of products other than impotency drugs such as Pain Relief Medicines, Anti-Anxiety Medicines, Medicines to treat Asthma, Anti-Herpes, Party Pills to boost energy and so on.

It also offers COVID-19 treatment packages like masks, hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C and D tables. is the easiest way to get drugs for erectile dysfunction. It’s fast and reliable delivery wouldn’t disappoint you or keep you waiting.

It has a user-friendly interface and navigates smoothly till payment gateway. It offers a payment through credit and debit card and have kept the prices of the drugs pocket-friendly. They do not provide any coupon offers or referral codes. Reviews does not have an SSL certificate. Hence, data exchange between server and site is not secure. It can put customer’s data in danger as hackers can easily decipher their credit card or debit card information, if they make online payment on the site.

The site has provided contact information. They have mentioned their contact number and email-id, which adds to the credibility of domain. Contact information is one of the basic features to realize whether the site is fake or real.

The country of origin is US and the address is 10 Corporate Drive. The transparency of location also makes the site reliable as it also ensures the quality of the product.

The domain was registered in 2017 and is valid up to 2021. The domain is pretty young to judge whether the site is legit or scam only on the basis of life of domain.

Scamadviser has scored it as 66%, which depicts that it is moderately safe. There are not a lot of customer reviews available which can speak about the reliability of [1] Review

Trustpilot shows 0 reviews as their algorithm reads customer review to score a site. But due to absence of any customer feedback the site shows no reliable reviews. Also, no one has yet claimed the business as theirs on Trustpilot. [2] Reviews


Most of the information is available about The contact information is there, their privacy policy is very well defined, scamadviser’s score is also not very low though a secure data exchange and payment is not facilitated on the site. No availability of the reviews by customer do raise some question about it being a scam. This makes it very hard to infer whether the site is legit or a scam, that’s why we give it a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

We did not find any suspicion about the site but also, we cannot get over the fact that why a store with such a large product range wouldn’t use https that is attach an SSL certificate.

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