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Posted by is a US based online steroid service. It sells different types of fitness products such as human growth hormones, oral and injectable supplements for workout and many others. All the products are available for online ordering through a convenient and simple online ordering procedure.

The product range is quite vast and it allows you to order the most suited product for your fitness needs. Depending on your fitness levels and where you rank in fitness categories, you can choose any product you like. Importantly, you don’t need a prescription to order the products.

Sign up at the website and add the items to your cart. The ordering procedure is as simple as that. This website is operational for eight years now and claims to use the best powders to manufacture the products.

All orders are shipped within United States. Orders arrive within three days after you have made the payment. While many online store do not have a minimum order limit, requires you to order products worth $200 at least. As an incentive to those who order more, there are some attractive discount offers also available. Shipping is quite reliable and in case your order doesn’t arrive, it will be reshipped for free.


Shipping methods are discrete depending upon the availability of resources. However, since you are offered free reshipping, you may not have to worry about the shipping mode. Similarly, there can be more than one ways for payment. Depending on what is feasible for you, the store will filter out the possible payment options.

You can contact the store through email. Get all our queries sorted before ordering. Muscletek Labs is so confident of their services that they suggest you to check the customer reviews on Eroids before ordering. Review

A great number of customer reviews provide a good understanding of the reputation that Muscletek Labs has built over the course of many years in business. These reviews are mostly positive and talk highly of the services and operations.[1]

A customer says it is ideal to order products from here as the customer care representative is really efficient and helpful. Reviews

Quad who happens to be the online store representative for Muscletek Labs has a long list of admirers. One such admirer suggests that Quad was really helpful in helping them find the right product. They said that the product quality is good and the price is also appropriate. Reviews 2018 has developed a great reputation online. Its customer reviews speak for high quality services and customer care you will receive once you order your products from this online store. Reviews

The reviews in this year are no different from the ones earlier. In fact, it looks like Muscletek Labs has improved the services several notches as the positive reviews continue to gather. It’s a fair indication and example of maintenance of affective customer care and quality of products.[2]

The following reviewer says that he is pleased to have chosen this store for steroid purchasing. He said that the ordering process shipping and product quality are all spot on. Reviews 2019

The following customer seems surprised at the speed of order delivery. He said that the order seemed to have arrived even before the payment might have been received. He really impressed and gave an indication that they will continue with the store in the future. Reviews 2019

There is all good for this store as the customer reviews are highly positive. If the store maintains its services, there is no reason why it cannot reach the heights of success in future.

Conclusion is a domestic steroid service in United States. This company has been in service for many years. It claims to provide high quality products and services to its customers. All these claims seem true as the customer reviews for this website are mostly positive. When you seek suggestion from renowned review sites such as, you will find customers talking highly about this website. The prices, product quality, shipping time, customer care are all praised by the customers. Hence, it is a famous steroid provider in United States. It therefore earns a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

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