Reviews 2018 - 2019 Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – Great Coupon Codes but Dented Reputation

Posted by has all what you can ask for when it comes to peptides. Be it the research chemicals or peptides or your lab supplies, Maxim Peptide has a wide collection of top quality products.

All products are manufactured in United States and are available for local and international shipping. Pricing is one of the more attractive features of this website and you will see some really affordable chemical agents and peptides here at Maxim Peptide. For instance, Melanotan 10 mg is available for just $26.99 while Liothyronine is available for just $27.99.

Order your product through the cart. You will have to make an account first which you can maintain if you wish to reorder in future. Shipping is done the same day your order is finalized. Tracking number is also provided to the customers for safety purpose.


Return and refund is also a possibility subject to the validity of the reason why you want a certain product to be refunded or reshipped. The items out of stock do no appear on the sales page to avoid any confusion later on.

You can contact the website to learn more about the products and information regarding payment and shipping methods and delivery time. You can use the message board or simply email at the given address at the website. Review

There are quite a few reviews for this website. It sure tells that the company is authentic and has been serving the customers for a reasonably long time. However, the general response to this website is not all that friendly. You will find a lot of reviews complaining about the services and the product quality. There are also some positive reviews for the website but its general reputation may not be the best.

The following reviewer says that he have found this source comparatively better than some of the other online sources. He says that the promo offers and discounts are one attractive feature of this website. It was mainly because of these reviews that the customer ordered through this website. Reviews

The following review suggests that the first impression of the website may be good but the services seem to rust with time. He says that his queries regarding a certain issue were never answered which is why he never ordered the products from this store again. Reviews 2018 has to make considerable efforts in order to up its reputation a fair amount. At the moment, there are more complaints than praises for this website. Reviews

In the year 2019, there are more reviews for this website. However, the polarity of these reviews doesn’t seem to change much and customers have more complaints regarding the services. You will find customers warning other buyer to stay away from this company and look for alternative options.

This following customer says that he will be ordering form another source. He says that the pricing suited him much but the quality of the products may be questionable. Reviews 2019

Since there are so many negative reviews for the website, it is better to order from alternative sources to save both time and money.[1]

Conclusion is an online source for peptide and research chemicals. This website is operated in United States and ships products domestically as well as internationally. It claims of providing the best quality products at highly affordable rates. All items available for sale are strictly for research purpose and the website does not take any responsibility in case these products are consumed and have negative effects. Customers have not taken a liking to this company and you will find a lot of people complaining about the products and services. Hence these negative reviews dent the reputation of the website quite. It earns a rating of 2 out of 5.

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