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Int. Pharmacy Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – A Fake European Online Pharmacy

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RX-Direct or Int. Pharmacy is a European online pharmacy. This is a Czech company that has its operations based in the United States and other parts of Europe. Seems that this company doesn’t try to hide anything. But is it true?

Int. Pharmacy Reviews

ScamAdviser gives Int. Pharmacy a low rating of 0%. This means that Int. Pharmacy is high risk. According to what ScamAdviser shows us, the website is owned by Anonymized, Inc. The website location in Europe (Netherlands) while the owner country is the United States. [1]

Int. Pharmacy Review

Don’t be surprised, Int. Pharmacy is not CIPA sealed. Yes, it failed to obtain the Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association badge of honor. Honestly, we have not squared away from this because this was nearly impossible for a European or American Brand. [2]

Int. Pharmacy CIPA Review

LegitScript is strong as always, Int. Pharmacy is labeled as “Rogue”. This means the company is guilty of fraudulent practices. It deceives the clients and steals away their money.

Int. Pharmacy LegitScript Reviews

We couldn’t find Int. Pharmacy or anywhere on PharmacyChecker. This suggests the site is relatively unknown, and it is not as famous as it believes. This is a wakeup call for them.

Trustpilot didn’t get our hopes up either. The company has no data available about Int. Pharmacy. This bugs us because even if Int. Pharmacy is not very popular, it is not anonymous. It got decent to bad reviews on several sites, so it got on our nerves to see it missing on one of the most respectable platforms around.

Int. Pharmacy Reviews

We tried our luck with Fraud Reports Wiki once again and got nothing but disappointed. According Fraud Reports Wiki Int. Pharmacy is widely believed to be a credit card theft scam – fronted by a fake pharmacy retailer. They have many mirror websites – is the same scam online pharmacies with another domain names.

Mirror websites:

Unfortunately, WOT doesn’t have anything for us. WOT just like TrustPilot has no reviews or user rating suggest whether we should or shouldn’t trust this brand. The Safety Rating is Unknown while the Reputation is N/A. The trustworthiness score and child safety score have no data available whatsoever.

Int. Pharmacy WOT Reviews

Google Search Customers Reviews

You would think that a business would kill for free advertisement. Well, any business that tries to establish itself in a competitive market will definitely do this. But Int. Pharmacy is not interesting. It doesn’t do anything to build a positive brand image, even if that includes something as easy as creating a Google profile so people can leave reviews. No, Int. Pharmacy doesn’t, and that’s why you don’t find any google customer reviews. It’s a shame.


After everything we have said, there is no need to say you should avoid buying from these sites at all costs. The company doesn’t offer you anything, but offer a chance to lose your money. So, steer clear of Int. Pharmacy. We give minimum rating from possible, 1 star.

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