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Posted by is an online drug selling website that offers great discounts on almost all the medial products that it sells. Based in India, Fortis Health World addresses to a wide range of medical conditions and has a great variety of medical products to deal with them.

From baby health to sexual health problems, you can find numerous drugs on discounted prices at this website. On top of that, shipping is also quit efficient. Mostly courier service is used for shipping but air shipping is also done for lighter items.

Depending upon the ordering procedure, there can be multiple packets shipped to the same location. Orders worth more than Rs. 300 are shipped for free. Normally, it takes 5 business days to deliver the order but to some remote areas in India, it can take around 12 days. At the moment, international shipping is not on offer.

The ordering procedure is also quite simple. All you have to do is add items to the cart. You will have to make an account before that but it just takes five minutes so it is pretty convenient. The products are also available at cheaper rates. For instance, Hamdard Joshanda Powder is available for just Rs. 30 while a bottle of Himalaya Neem capsules are available for just Rs. 160.

There is special focus on diabetes and you can find different instruments and drugs for diabetes at this store as well. Vitamins, supplements and herbs are also present in good quantity at this store.

To get in touch with the website, you can email at the given email address at the website or simply visit the pharmacy which is stationed in New Delhi. Review

From the services and offers available on the website, it looks like Fortis Health World must be doing a decent job for its customers. Sadly, one major drawback for this website is that it doesn’t have too many customer reviews to back its claims of effective services and operations. There is hardly any evidence of positivity from the customers for this website on the internet.

However, there are also no negative comments for this website which balance the situation somewhat. However, it is highly recommended that Fortis Health World does something about it or else it could face the consequences.

One of the reviewing website came up with a good analysis of the website where they monitored the technical aspects quite deeply. FHW received a decent rating of 71 out of 100.[1] There are a few errors and the room for improvement is quite large. Reviews

As a recommendation, Fortis health world should integrate a feedback portal at the website so that customers can share their experiences. Reviews

The world hasn’t moved too much as far as customer reviews for this website are concerned. In the current year, the scarcity of customer reviews continues to haunt this website and it is mainly because of the absence of a feedback portal. The website does have its own social media page but reviews there cannot be trusted completely as the page must be administered by the company itself.

Legitscript has had its say regarding the reputation of this pharmacy. According to them, there is no information about FHW which indicates that this pharmacy may not have registered or may have faced some issue while doing so. Whatever the reasons might be, it doesn’t go too highly in the favor of Fortis Health world.[2] Reviews 2019

It won’t please you much if you are a FHW fan. There are no customer reviews and therefore, it remains unclear how the website might be performing. We suggest customers to clear out the situation before buying the products.

Conclusion is an Indian online pharmacy based in New Delhi. The range of products is one of the salient features of this website. It ships products to all parts of India through courier service and airmail. The prices are also quite cheap but the only drawback for this website is the absence of customer reviews. If the situation is taken care of, the website will be able to flourish further. It earns a rating of 2.5 out of 5.

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