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Female Sexual Enhancement Treatment: Causes and Products to Treat

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Female Sexual Arousal DisorderFemale sexual enhancement is a response to a disease called Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. In Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, the female is unable to attain sexual arousal or to maintain arousal during sexual activity. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is different from general lack of interest, or loss of interest in sexual activity. Female sexual enhancement treatment can also be used to try to combat other types of sexual arousal problems in women, such as inadequate lubrication or swelling, or lack of interest in sexual activity.

This lack of sexual arousal in women has led to a number of different treatments to try to improve this problem.


There are a number of different causes that could lead to a lack of sexual arousal. While it is difficult to have reliable information about the impact of events during childhood and adolescent, there seems to be a correlation sometimes based on patient testimonials. There is a possible link between childhood sexual abuse and in lack of sexual arousal as a grown adult woman.

childhood sexual abuseIndividual factors can affect female sexual dysfunction as well including stress, fatigue, gender identity, health, sexual beliefs, self-image, and more. Some believe that the exposure to sex and sexiness in the media is leading to more cases of poor body image, self-consciousness and lowered self-esteem.

Relationship can greatly affect a woman’s sexual desire as well. There are many different factors of why a woman may be sexual unaroused by her partner including lack of physical attraction and other problems within the relationship, but sometimes the quality of the relationship is good and the woman is still unable to be sexually aroused.

pillsPhysical factors can also greatly affect a woman’s sexual arousal. If a woman is taking medications, lack of interest in sexual activity could be a side effect. If a woman is suffering from a disease, lack of interest could be a side effect as well.


There are many that believe that herbal remedies could help with female arousal. Dr. Christopher Saigal, assistant professor of urology at UCLA School of Medicine suggests that Ginseng can really help.[1]

Ginseng treayment

Some women have had success with Estrogen skin creams or pills which help with vaginal dryness. Testosterone can also be prescribed to improve libido in women. Erectile Dysfunction Pills are also sometimes prescribed but the are not proven to be very effective in women.


FemproxThere is no existing FDA approved drug treatment, but there are many drugs that are being studied. There are a few treatments available and/or being studied for female sexual enhancement. There is a topical cream called Femprox that is in development and it is meant to enter the bloodstream and then increase sexual arousal.

There is one drug, bremelanotide that is shown to increase the libido in 90% of the test subjects. It was going to be sold on the market, but has shown too many negative effects on blood pressure on some of the patients. It is still being tested as a possible treatment.

EvedolThere are also some supplements available online including Evedol, which is meant to naturally increase sexual arousal. It contains Theobromine, Ginseng, Licorice root, and Gingko Biloba.

Evedol review

Another medication is called Hersolution which contains Ginkgo Biloba, Cayenne, Niacin, Hops, Mucuna Pruriens, and Epimedium Sagittatum.

Libido for HerLibido for Her is a medication that is sprayed on the tongue 3 times per day. It includes European Barberry, Chaste Berry, Damiana, and Opium Lettuce. An antidepressant called Wellbutrin is also prescribed sometimes to treat low sex drive in women.


There are many causes for loss of interest in sexual activity in women; luckily there are also many options to help to improve this problem. It is a condition that can be treated successfully.

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