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Edandmore.com is an online medication pharmacy that offers drugs for a number of physical illnesses. This online pharmacy is renowned worldwide because of the provision of the best generic drugs at extremely low prices. If you ever want to make savings, this is the online drug store that you should opt for to purchase drugs like antidepressants, pain relief, insomnia, erectile dysfunction drugs, ejaculation drugs, muscle relaxants, mind and mood enhancing stimulants among others. You can also find almost every type of medicine in edandmore.com.

Despite their cheap prices, these medicines are manufactured by the best pharmaceutical companies whose reputation is unquestionable. These medicines meet every quality medicine standard as stipulated by the medical board. After placing an order, drugs are then shipped as they were originally packed in the shortest time possible.

Edandmore.com enables you the customer enjoy great discounts, discretion, low prices, extremely professional services.

Edandmore.com Review

It is evident that many customers are not pleased by services offered by edandmore.com.

Rebecca has been ordering medication from edandmore.com but of late they are taking longer than usual to make the delivery. It usually took her a few weeks to receive her medication but now it’s taking longer than usual. To add salt to the injury, her last medication that she ordered had a deficit which upon complain she was told it would be replaced. She feels that edandmore.com has failed to meet her expectations because what they are offering is not what she expected. Rebecca has decided to terminate using edandmore.com to order for her medication.

Jeannie on the other hand says her husband ordered for medication whose price was quite affordable. The fact that after ordering it took less than ten days to receive the drugs really pleased him. However, he was disappointed that after ordering it took him a almost a month to receive his order. Another thing she noted is that their medicine is not generic hence she cautions customers to be cautious. This experience has made Jeannie’s husband turn away from using services and drugs from edandmore.com.

Dennis claims that edandmore.com used to be decent but its reputation has continued to fail over the years. He had to keep on following on an order personally that he made a number of weeks ago. The online staffs that he chats with never seem to offer him a lasting solution. This has made Dennis turn to other online pharmacies.

Edandmore.com Reviews

The site has been reviewed by Scamadviser.com and the information available shows that the site has small chance of risk. Trust score here is avarage 62%.[1]

Edandmore.com reviews

Edandmore.com has been reviewed by Trustpilot.com, but they don’t have any reviews or ratings from customers, site can’t be trusted.[2]

Edandmore.com Reviews 2019


It is a fact that edandmore.com is supplied with medications and products of excellent quality. The problem that keeps on popping up is its inability to make prompt deliveries. Most of the customers are complaining about edandmore.com for they are not getting their medication on time. They are also not receiving refunds hence it is the customer who is incurring most of the losses. Customers are suffering a lot because of this because they are not enjoyed what they were promised. The disappointed caused cannot be overlooked. What should be noted is that without customer satisfaction a company cannot succeed. It is obvious that edandmore.com has disappointed most of its customers thus it gets a rating of 2.

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