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Drugstore 1st is a simple website that sells generic medications. The website drugstore1st.com has a straightforward design with no added glamour. The layout of the website, including the colors, design and images, is very simplistic but it keeps the focus on its products and services. It has a good reputation online for selling generic medications at cheap prices positive and for trustworthy business practices.

Drugstore 1st Review

The Drugstore 1st website has over 150,000 satisfied customers worldwide. The website is secured by McAfee SECURE and WebSafe Shield to make it a hacker-free site. The company is liable for the authenticity and validity of the information presented on the website. It is also responsible for providing error-free content and works diligently to correct, modify or update all of its information, as necessary. A toll-free number is available for customer inquiries and the website content is available in English, Spanish and French. But the design could be improved to make more aesthetically appealing.

Express delivery

Drugstore 1st provides trackable Express delivery that takes anywhere from 5 to 9 business days. This does not include holidays or weekends. The delivery cost is $29.95 but it is provided for free for customers.

There is an order status form that tracks the exact status of the order with the order number and an email address. This allows consumers to be aware of what stage their order is in and how soon they can expect delivery to their doorstep.

Drugstore 1st Reviews

Customer reviews serve as a measuring tool for judging the customer experience of a business. Drugstore 1st has an external link that takes customers to a Help Desk. This is a unique benefit that lets consumers ask questions about the company. Information about products, shipping, delivery, safety, privacy of customer data, payment processing and much is by using the help desk.

There are no customer testimonials displayed on the website. This may have been done to protect the privacy and confidentiality of past customers.

Drugstore 1st Reviews

When ordering, suggested products appear based on the shopping habits of past customers. This shows potential new customers which products are most popular and helps them make an informed decision when making a purchase.


MyWOT is an online reputation and internet safety service provider which provides independent reviews and other valuable information about the security and trust factor of websites.

A review by Emily on MyWOT states that she has been a customer of Drugstore 1st for several years and the service & products she received here has always been great. Given this kind of reviews on independent review sites shows that the drugstore has truly been a good service for its customers over the years of its business as online pharmacy.[1]

drugstore1st.com reviews

Trustpilot.com is a Denmark based website which has been publishing independent reviews for online businesses since its launch in 2007. With over a decade in this service, TrustPilot has gained recognition as a reputed provider of real consumer reviews. Their reviews are from genuine shoppers and are the measuring stick for Trust of businesses online.[2]

A review by Susan regarding Drugstore 1st is available on TrustPilot where she calls it the best online pharmacy. She adds that the orders she placed always arrived on the due time or even earlier and the products were always correctly delivered. She further adds that the price and the service are also great from this online pharmacy.

Looking at the positive reviews from both TrustPilot and MyWOT shows that this online pharmacy has won the hearts of its customers through its timely delivery, good prices and quality products.

Drugstore 1st Coupon Codes

Drugstore 1st Coupon Codes

There are no coupons available online on the drugstore1st.com website. But as mentioned earlier, there is free regular delivery which already saves clients a lot of money. In addition, the cost per pill is significantly less when larger orders are placed. For all orders above $200, there is free express delivery. Free bonus pills are also offered.


Given the customer service, quality of the pills, and the great prices at Drugstore 1st it can be considered a reputable online pharmacy. It successfully sets itself apart from the many rogue Internet pharmacies widely available online. It could however attract more visitors by working on the display & design of its simple looking website. We strongly advise our readers to be aware and to pick websites that have a solid reputation and are proved safe for business. Associating with websites that have proper security protocol will help ensure safe, hacker-free shopping.

After completing our review of drugstore1st.com, we give it 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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