Drugs-365.com Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – Pharmacy is Not at All of Your Trust

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Drugs-365.com projects itself as the one-stop web shop for medicines for treating erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. The online drugstore holds a massive collection of drugs that they claim to come from some of the most prestigious drugs manufacturers worldwide. Going by the statement of the pharmacy officials, they are serving customers from all around the globe. Besides drugs related to impotence, they hold inventory of medicines of all other categories. The objective of this pharmacy is to offer authentic and superior quality drugs at the most inexpensive rates. One can approach this store for branded and generic medicines.

Drugs-365.com offers an equally delightful collection of OTC and prescription drugs. The online pharmacy ensures the fastest delivery of orders so that buyers need not wait long to get the medicines. In addition to medicines, buyers will find a massive collection of personal and beauty care products, as well as other lifestyle products on this website. If the claims by the company officials are true, they have served millions of buyers worldwide, and their customers are highly satisfied with their services. The web pharmacy has changed the usual approaches in buying drugs online, making it as simple as a matter of a few clicks.

Drugs-365.com Reviews

Claims from drugs-365.com officials fascinated us, and we decided to check, if it is practical., However, our exploration never got in tandem with their claims. We consulted TrustPilot for detailed information about the store. To our surprise, we find the store registered on the site as an unclaimed business. We are shocked to find no reviews about the drugstore. It hints that people are not aware of this store, and they are yet to secure the trust and confidence of buyers. Hence, we don’t feel like endorsing the drug store for buying medicines. [1]

drugs-365.com reviews

The picture about drugs-365.com turned more negative, as we turned to SCAMADVISER. The drug store cuts the worst figure there, securing 0% trust score. It gives us the impression that it is likely a hoax. We found that the site operates without a valid encryption. Hence, buyers stand exposed to stringent online threats on this site, their sensitive information is likely to reach the hands of the evil forces on the web. Moreover, the site got registered in multiple countries, including at least one high-risk location. As such, dealing with this store, you are staking your money. You will probably incur complete loss of money, ordering drugs on this site. [2]

drugs-365.com review


There are issues with the delivery framework. Buyers reviewed that they kept waiting long for drug delivery that never reached their hands. The store never ensures the authenticity and quality of drugs. As such, you are likely to find counterfeited and expired medicines. Further, issues are found with the post-sale support. Customers are not at all happy, dealing with this web pharmacy. Hence, we will confer a 1-star rating to drugs-365.com. You should rather stay away from the store, if you don’t want to face unsolicited instances at a later stage.

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