Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – Trust Score of the Pharmacy is Average

Posted by is a seller of online drugs and they come up with high-quality drugs and this website is a good choice to try out. This online seller offers huge collections of drugs and these medicines are good for serving different health purposes of each and every user. This online pharmacy offers medicines for diabetes, asthma, anti-allergen, anti-depressant, anti-fungal, antibiotics and medicines for pain relief and other purposes.

You will find the medicines at very cheaper price here in the online med store. This online store has a wide collection of medicines that you may not find in other places. The best part about the store is, you don’t need to search for a medicine one shop to another but you can get your medicines delivered directly to your doorstep. You don’t need to shift from the comfort zone of your own home. You will also get a good discount on buying your medicine and complete customer service from the seller.

Their team can guide and assure you to get the right thing at the right price. They can help you in proper shipping process too. They provide you with the good shipping and safe delivery process too. Within a few days of order, you will get the required products delivered at your doorstep.

Another good thing is the discrete packaging of the medicines that they offer; you will get them in the right condition. You can pay for the medicine through an online transaction like credit card or debit card payment and the payment process is completely safe with the online store. Reviews

There are so many reviews available for the online store on, but most of the reviews are negative, unfortunately. Theresa Diadiun is a valid buyer of the site and she had to return the product that she bought because of the wrong size. She asked for help from the site, she contacted the manager of the site but failed to get the service she was looking for. But her previous experience with the site as good as the customer service team helped her a lot. Review

I have checked this site on and find that the site has got average reviews and 100% trust score on the basis of 730 reviews. This website has an SSL certificate and a good trust rating. As the website has a high trust rating, it is safe for money transaction.[1]

Cvs Review

I have checked is site again on Trustpilot and found that the site has 80% bad reviews and poor trust score and most of the reviews are bad regarding the service quality of the site. It can be quite a risk of using this site and it is recommended to check the site before making any deal with the site.[2] Reviews

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that deals with different types of medicines online and trusts score of the site is average which is quite bad. It is good to research properly before buying medicine from the site. I rate CVS online pharmacy on 2 stars from 5.

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