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As the name suggests, is an Australian based online chemist store. It claims to be a discount pharmacy and has a wide range of products for healthcare as well as daily life products. From Vitamins to Veterinary products, you will find it all here at Cincotta Chemist.

This website is an online platform for the pharmacy. Customers can order their products through it by simply adding items to their carts. It looks quite attractive and customers from all over Australia can order their products through this website.

Customers are required to sign up at the website after which they can order their products through the cart. It doesn’t take too long to sign up and having an account helps in a way that you are able to learn about the upcoming offers at the store beforehand.

Since the products are available at discount prices, it is obviously cheaper than some of the other online stores. For instance, Elevit Breastfeeding tablets (60) are available for $34.99 while Pharmacy Choice Digital thermometer is available for just $8.95.

The website features some of the top brands such as Huggies, L’oreal, Panadol, Nurofen etc. so it can be considered as a safe bet ordering through it.

In addition to online ordering, customers can also contact the ordering center through fax and telephone. The contact details are mentioned at the website. However, you will have to order between 8 am and 5 pm on Monday through Friday. You can also ask relevant questions and resolve your queries from the website. Review

As far as customer reviews are concerned, there is a lot of negative talk about this store. The customer service has been questioned and most of the reviewers said that they would never opt to order through this website. One thing that is clarified is that it is a physically existing store and it’s not a scam.

The following reviewer said that the customer services of very low quality. They said its very unprofessional and they won’t be going back in the store again. Review

The following reviewer said that the claims of low prices are just statements and there are a lot of other stores that are offering products at lower prices. Also, they said that the staff is not that knowledgeable at Cincotta chemists. Reviews

The following reviewer seems really sad at the services as they said they were customers of the store for 10 years. Even then, they were not accordingly dealt with. They said that the staff is pretty rude which is why they may potentially lose a dedicated customer. Reviews

The review section doesn’t look too great for the website and it looks like it has to do a lot of work in order to get things back in track. Reviews

It’s been the same old story for this store in the year 2019 and 2020. There haven’t been any improvements in the customer services. It looks like the store hasn’t learned from its past mistakes and therefore continue to receive negative sentiments from the customers. The overall rating on Productreview Australia is low, only 2,7 from 5.[1] Reviews 2019

Conclusion is an Australian based chemist store that has a wide range of products for daily life use as well as health care. They have some of the top brands on show. Store locator service makes it easy for people to locate a Cincotta store in their vicinity. However, in spite of all the claims and services on offer, the customer response has been too negative for this website. It looks like the staff is in definite need of upgrade if the store is to do well this year. At the moment, it can only earn a rating of 2.5 out of 5.

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  1. Beware of ordering online with this Pharmacy. I ordered but the checkout was working properly. I tried 3 times and products remained in the cart. My banking account was however debited 3 times. The money can out of my account (3 times what should have) and the items still remained “in the cart”. Have tried to contact the pharmacy. No response. Had to lodge dispute with bank. They have refunded the money but had to stop my card and I now have to wait for a new card. Most inconvenience and such a waste of time trying to resolve this. Not a single word received from Cincotta Chemist.

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