Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – Low Trust Score

Posted by is one of the oldest web pharmacies, operating seamlessly since 1997. They are a one-stop destination for branded and generic medicines of all categories, including the prescription and OTC drugs. The online pharmacy claims that they are associated with some of the top drug manufacturers. It ensures that the store ensures the quality of the drugs they serve. After spending several years in the same line of business, they have developed a massive delivery network across the globe. The store is offering fascinating deals on all orders that enable buyers to cut down the cost of drugs significantly. offers free shipping across the globe, and they deliver orders within the minimum time. The store has earned a reputation for offering the most delightful support to their global buyers. They stand beside them, when their support is needed the most. Most importantly, they operate with clear and transparent policies related to return and refund. As such, you will never waste money on drugs that may not match your expectations. The availability of branded drugs will enable you to escape the threat of ever-rising cost of drugs. As such, you can consider visiting this site, and place your order. Reviews

TrustPilot projects the most negative impression about There, the pharmacy scored a 2.3 out of 5 rating. 86% Buyers rate them as “Bad”, and 14% customers have Poor Rating for the store. The site is still registered there as an unclaimed business. Buyers are unhappy with their services and support. As such, dealing with this store, you are likely to make some unsolicited experience. You are likely to find fake and counterfeited medicines on this website. As such, it is a good move to stay away from this store, so that you never waste money on low quality drugs. [1] Reviews

SCAMADVISER rates with a 15% Trust Score. It gives a clear indication that the site is illegitimate. The site is not getting significant volume of web traffic, and the operating speed of the site is below-par. The biggest concern is that the site does not feature a valid encryption. As such, you are staking your privacy and confidentiality on this site. The site has been registered at multiple locations, it suggests that the site is hardly complying with the prevailing laws and enactments. It triggers serious concerns with the rights and interest of buyers buying medicines on this site. [2] Review


It became impossible for us to rate with better than a 2-Star Rating. We hardly find any solid reasons for which we could have endorsed them worthy of your faith. There is every chance that you will end up investing in counterfeited drugs. It is the last thing that you will ever expect to happen to you. The pharmacy has not disclosed the sources for procuring drugs. It is another concern with the quality of the drugs available on this site. Therefore, you need to look for a better provider that is actually worthy of your faith and confidence.

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