Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – Drug Store Reported As Untrustworthy

Posted by is an online drug store that sells generic medication at cheap prices. The store sells both prescription and over-the-counter medication to consumers from all over the world. There are various factors that make the store manage to sell its drugs at low prices. One of the main reasons is the fact that its expenses are reduced by the fact that they only sell and market products online. The other main reason is the fact that the store sells generic products which are so much cheaper than brand medication.

The store has a wide range of medication but specializes in sexual health treatment. The low price of drugs should therefore not be mistaken to mean that the products of low quality. The store also claims that all the products that it sells come into the country unregistered so there are no taxes levied by the government and this makes the drugs cheap. Review

Every new buyer to online shopping will look for various elements about a store so as to make an informed decision. With the intention of writing a dependable and reliable review, we tried to find reviews from buyers who have shopped on this site in the past. Client reviews are very essential to any online store as most people will depend on such to make a decision on where to buy drugs. We did not find any reviews or feedback that has been given by any client on this store. This makes it very difficult to make a sound judgment about this store and also shows that the store is not very popular among buyers.

We were able to find some reviews by professional websites that review online stores and none of them had any positive report about after reviewing this site marked it as a rogue online store that cannot be trusted.[1] Reviews Reviews

This store is also reviewed by scamadviser and rated as unsafe for consumer with a low trust rating of 0%. The site has poor vendor reliability and a bad online reputation which has forced it to regarded as untrustworthy by most websites that have reviewed it.[2] Reviews 2019


With so many online stores and buyers looking for cheaper deals every day, there has also been a rise in scam sites. One of the most disturbing information about this site is the fact that they are proud to claim that all the products come into the country unregistered. This means that the products might not be approved by the FDA and may be of low quality. It would be best to avoid this site as you might end up with fake products which might harm your health. is a very suspicious site and we give it 1 star as the rating out of the possible 5.

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