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Posted by is online pharmacy has been in operation for over 9 years and has become one of the leading pharmacies on the internet because of the high quality products that they supply, which they also offer at the most affordable prices that you could not find elsewhere. The company works in close association with internationally recognized manufacturers who are licensed and certified to produce these products for international shipment and consumption. All the products are FDA approved and they are made of the highest quality raw materials.

The site is designed in such a way that navigation around the site is easy and makes it very possible for you to find the products you need in the shortest time possible. The company ha a team of professionally trained pharmacists who will attend to you and help you find the products you need with much ease. If you need any information on the drugs, you will find it here. Review

The only review available online is from a customer who even though does not sound disappointed and acknowledges that the mistake could have been accidental says that the goods that were shipped to him were expired. He does not elaborate further and says that the order process was successful, save for this “small hitch”.

A few very negative old reviews were found for the site on All customers says that it’s scam pharmacy. Below are some reviews. For the first, the customer voiced that appears to be out of compliance laws or NABP. Ordering medicine from site puts you and your family at risk. Next customer said that they scammers from Moscow, Russia.[1] Reviews Reviews

The site has been reviewed by and the information available shows that the site cannot be trusted as it has a low trust score rate of only 21%. One of the factors that makes the site highly suspicious is that the country of origin does not seem to be very clear because although it seems to be based in Bulgaria, there is also a high probability that it is from the Russian Federation. It’s very high risk countries.[2] Review 2019 has been reviewed by, but they don’t have any reviews or ratings from customers. Available information shows that the site can’t be trusted.[3] Reviews 2019


The limited reviews are a good indication that the site is not trustworthy enough for customers to shop from it. If you want to buy from them keep in mind that they might not be the source of medications, because thay can be scam pharmacy. Take your time to scrutinize them properly. The gets a rating of 1 star because of bad online reputation.

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