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Posted by is a UK based online steroid store. It sells a wide range of fitness products both oral and injectable. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts can make great use of these products as they are all safe and ensure high quality performance.

From testosterone boosters to fat burners, you will find the best quality products that come from some of the top brands in the world of pharmacy. Hence your fitness is in good hands at this store. The price range is also quite affordable. It doesn’t cost much to get for yourself an affective steroid to accompany you during the workout.

Sign up and add your required items to the cart. There is nothing more you have to do for ordering your products online. Since it’s that simple, anyone can order the products through this website. However, age limit legal issues may apply.

Turinabol from Pharmacom is available for just 37.99 GBP. Also, Alpha Pharma Clenbuterol is priced at just 24.99 GBP. Such low prices make it more tempting for the customers to order from Big Bear Pharma.

Orders within UK can take as long as just two days to arrive. Royal Mail service is used and shipping rates are 2.99 GBP per order. There is no refund or resending policy so it is suggested that customers carefully read the shipping policy at the website before ordering the products. International shipping is done through Air Mail, at a fixed 9.99 GBP per order.

Payments can be made through Bitcoin, Western Union, Money Gram and bank transfers. Orders are shipped within a day of receiving the payment. Customers can contact the website through the message board at the website. You can also subscribe to the website to receive newsletters regarding the latest updates at the store. Review

You can find a good number of reviews for this website on renowned steroid reviewing websites such as and Having so many reviews makes this website a much popular online store. Also there is an inclination towards the positive side which indicates about a decent reputation of this online store.[1]

The following review says that the communication process was good and the orders arrived in perfect shape in 10 days. Reviews

Another reviewer seems really pleased to have ordered the products from Big Bear Pharma. They said that the ordering process was smooth and they were really impressed by the product quality. Hence they will be recommending this store to other customers. Review

Such positive reviews work really well in favor of this website. Especially the communication has been applauded by most of the customers and they vowed to continue ordering from here in the future. Reviews

You can’t find any reviews for this website in 2019 and 2020. is closed. Reviews 2019


Big Bear Pharmacy was internet steroid service. Based in UK, it sold and shipped products to most parts of the world at reasonably lower prices. One great quality of this store according to the customers was its prompt response to the customers. Most of the customers lauded the efficiency and quick response and that their queries were dealt with really well. Generally, the store has been well accepted, but now he closed. Hence it earns a rating of 1 out of 5.

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Why Your Online Pharmacy Was Closed?

For every legitimate online pharmacy that sells valid drugs and offers convenience, safety and privacy when purchasing medicines online, there are 10 fake pharmacies that only claim to. Fake pharmacies close every month such goverment services as FDA.
Why they do it you can read here – Why Online Pharmacy Was Closed: It Was Probably Fake.

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