Anabolic Pharmacy Reviews

Anabolic Pharmacy Reviews

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An increasing number of people are turning to Anabolic Steroids to increase activity and improve athleticism. Unfortunately, the high demand has created an increase in the number of fraudulent acts in the anabolic steroids industry. These can include people buying illegal anabolic steroids, low quality or counterfeit steroids and sometimes even excessive use of anabolic steroids. Most of these fraudulent activities occur on online pharmacies. This is why it is very important to red online pharmacy reviews to make sure that you are buying high-quality drugs from a reputable online pharmacy. In this article, we are going to look at some of the pharmacy fraud schemes available.

Pharmacy Fraud Attorneys

Anabolic steroids make up part of the more than $300 billion in retail value of prescription drugs sold in the United States every year. A major part of the sales go to public health companies although illegal pharmaceutical companies take advantage of it in a number of ways including the following;

• Exponentially increasing the price of prescription anabolic steroids
• Importing low quality and sometimes even fake steroids from abroad
• Filling less quality anabolic steroids than the ones prescribed

The Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 prohibits the sale of anabolic steroids without a prescription. Having illicitly obtained steroids in your possession could mean up to one year in prison and a minimum fine of $1000.[1]

anabolic without a prescription

Off Label Marketing Fraud

Before a new drug can be introduced into the market, the FDA conducts extensive research to ensure the drug is safe for use. This is true even for anabolic steroids that are introduced into the U.S. market. The FDA’s role is to ensure that the new drug will work as indicated and be safe for use but also that the label on the drug is accurate in describing how the drug s should be used.

Off Label Marketing Fraud

Early this year, 6 individuals and 2 companies were charged by federal prosecutors for selling supplements that were in fact anabolic steroids. The companies, Singerman and Blackstone Labs had received and warning letter from the FDA which they failed to heed. This is however not uncommon as the FDA has found very many dietary supplements containing anabolic steroids that shouldn’t be taken without a subscription.[2]

Kickback Law

This is a common but highly illegal practice that sometimes even the patients are aware of. A pharmaceutical company makes a deal with healthcare professionals to prescribe only their drug to the patient rather than their competitor’s drug. In turn the healthcare professional gets a commission and the drug company gains a competitive advantage. The problem is that sometimes the patient may end up with low quality medication.

Kickback Law

Good Manufacturing Practices

When making anabolic steroids pharmaceutical companies must adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulation. This is to ensure both the safety and effectiveness of the anabolic steroids that they produce. Yet, some pharmaceutical companies don’t comply with this law and end up producing and selling substandard steroids.[3]

Drug Diversion

Since there are some people who want to purchase anabolic steroids without a prescription, some pharmacies will sell a lower quantity of drugs than the prescription says each time a patient buys the drug. In this case, they have a number of pills that they can then sell illegally to those without a prescription. The pharmacy will give you a lower number of pills that prescribed, but will charge Medicaid the full amount. This is why you should always check the number of pills you are taking home to avoid falling victim to this particular scam.

Automatic Refills

Some pharmacies are also engaging in what has come to be known as an auto refill scheme. This is when a patient chooses to have their prescription refilled automatically. The problem is sometimes, the patients don’t pick up the medication but the pharmacy still bills their insurance company for the cost of the drugs.

Automatic Refills

In 2018, Walmart and Sam’s Club had to pay $825,000 to the Minnesota Attorney General and the Department of Justice as settlement in an auto refill scheme case. They were found guilty of refilling prescriptions and billing Medicaid without authorization from the patient.[4]

Medication without Prescription

Many pharmacies and particularly online pharmacies have been known to sell anabolic steroids without a prescription. This attracts a lot of buyers who want to use the steroids illegally. Steroids that are purchased in this way are often used for recreational purposes rather than medical purposes, a factor that can cause serious health consequences. Anabolic pharmacy reviews can help you determine genuine pharmacies that sell genuine drugs.[5]

Penalties for Pharmacy Fraud

If a pharmacy is caught engaging in any of the fraudulent activities mentioned above, they might lose their license. The pharmacy may also be subject to more penalties if they defraud Medicaid or any other government healthcare programs by presenting them with the wrong bills. Penalties include a maximum of 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.[6]

Penalties for Pharmacy Fraud

Responsibilities of Healthcare Professionals

Drug abuse is a serious crime and anabolic steroids can contain sensitive ingredients whose misuse could cause serious illness and even be fatal. For this reason, health professionals have a responsibility to educate their patients on the dangers of purchasing and using anabolic steroids without a doctor’s supervision. They should also prescribe medication according to the law and avoid taking bribes from drug companies to prescribe one drug over another. They should also educate their patients on when to refill a prescription and check whether they are taking the right prescription in the right dosage.


It is your responsibility as a patient to always be careful when buying anabolic steroids. Ensure that you are buying only the best quality steroids in a lawful manner and only purchase medication that is prescribed to you. Read reviews to ensure the pharmacy you are buying from is legitimate and avoid pharmacies that sell drugs at prices that are deeply too low.

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