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365-pills.com Reviews (UPDATED 2020) – To Keep Track of Your Orders

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TrustPharmacy, which is also known as 365-pills.com, actually began its business as a chain store back in the 90’s. As its chain stores grew, the company decided not only to serve its customers face to face, but to offer an online shopping option that would open new doors for them and their unmet customers. Eventually, the company has concentrated its sales mainly online, making it possible to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

As most pharmacies, 365-pills.com offers both name brands and generic medications to its customers with a cost comparison. The online pharmacy offers a wide range of medications that cover different ailments. This portion of the site is easy to use since the medications are not only arranged into categories, but best sellers are highlighted in each category as well.

The company offers two methods of shipping: Regular Airmail and Express Courier Delivery. Regular airmail is the least expensive, but if ordering from the United States, Express Courier is the only service that the company offers. Shipping time also vary depending on method and destination, and International orders may take longer to arrive. Once your order is placed and left the facility, regular airmail can take from 10-21 days before your package arrives. Express Courier offers delivery in 8-14 days. Both rates are based on the size of the order which is standard for most companies.

Given that this is an online company there is a number of ways to contact customer support. The company provides a customer contact form on its site. There is also email and phone support available. This company also offers something that is slightly different from most internet based companies – customers can visit the main headquarters in Canada or one of the secondary offices in case they need it.

365-pills.com Review

Before going too deeply into the reviews for the company there is little mention of it on the internet before 2019. It seems while the company was pushing to go global there has been little feedback found. With this being the case, it would be best to use your best judgment when placing your order. Though the one review that was found was positive, the lack of information should prompt caution when using this online pharmacy.

365-pills.com Reviews

So while this customer was very happy with the service that he received, this is the only review that was found and was not a part of the company’s site.

365-pills.com Reviews

There seems to be very few reviews outside of the company’s website and testimonial page. There are a few reviews dated roughly 3-4 years ago, but that is as recent as they seem to be. While the company’s website offers a number of testimonials on the products that were purchased, there was nothing else when it came to information on customer service and returns.[1]

365-pills.com Reviews 2019

George from New Zealand mentioned that the company offers a high service standard and his order was received within two days.

Jeronimo from Spain also confirms the same. The order was received quickly and he was impressed with the speed of delivery.

Overall the company’s site offers many reviews on the medications provided to the customers, but there is little information on any other part of their operation. Again, use your own judgment when it comes to purchasing from this company. The lack of online presence when it comes to customer reviews might indicate that the site is not popular or customers are not interested in sharing their experiences.


Overall, the 365-pills.com has received high marks from the customers that have chosen to share their opinions. Customers seem to be pleased with their experiences. As with any online company there will be both good and bad things to say about its operation and while this is the norm, there are fewer negative reports than positive. The customers were satisfied with the products they received and quick shipping, As with any online purchase, use your best judgment and make sure to keep track of your orders. I rate the company 3 out 5.

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