1steroids.net Reviews 2018 - 2019

1steroids.net Reviews (UPDATED 2021) – Doubt About the Customer Friendliness

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1steroids.net is an online store that looks to serve its customers and promises to live up to expectations as far as muscle-growth programs are concerned. The store claims to have a wide arrangement of honest to goodness steroids that are certified for quality and approved from physicians. This according to the claims of the store is the foremost thing that has guaranteed them a large customer base.

1steroids.net products
1steroids.net products
The anabolic steroids that are sold on this site are of top quality and sourced from the leading steroid producers on the planet. You will moreover be offered all the information that you may require about the estimation and use of products that are available on this site.

1steroids.net Review

Now, leaving the claims of the website behind we need to analyze customer reviews in order to assess this website. In January 2018, one particular buyer said that he has made several queries regarding order procedure from the support but has never received any response from them which seems to put the credibility of this store in perspective.

There are a few other customers who state that the store boasts a good variety of reliable products. In March 2018, one of them added that the delivery time sometimes extends beyond the promised time but the store does not compromise on the quality of their goods. In February 2018, another anonymous customer even recommended the website for everyone after trying out the products offered and vouched for their sound quality and good price.

1steroids.net Reviews 2018
1steroids.net Reviews 2018

1steroids.net Reviews

I tried to find any consumer review on 2019 – 2020 years, but nothing. I was checking Trust Rating from scamadviser.com and I saw bad news about 1steroids.net.

Scamadviser.com[1] say that the web store has Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use.

1steroids.net Reviews 2019

Scamadviser.com shows, that This site has been listed as a ROGUE pharmacy.

1steroids.net Scamadviser Reviews 2019


For some customers, 1steroids.net lives up to their expectations. Most of them say that the web store seems to grasp what the customers need and provides for them accordingly. We cannot however forget that it is imperative for any online business gets back to the customers as early as possible because that is the only way to increase customer base. The fact that one of the customers has complained specifically about this issue is alarming and leaves us in doubt about the customer friendliness of this website. Their principle focus needs to be on fixing this issue immediately. All in all, according to my analysis the website deserves 2 out of 5 stars.

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Online steroid pharmacies are online stores that primarily sell steroids, anabolic steroids and peptides. Over the years, the number of these online pharmacies has grown as more people have taken to use of anabolic steroids.
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